Had a good relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Not a whole lot of note to mention, just I really need to make a decision about my medicare plan.  As I go over the options of the Part 'C' choices I've narrowed my decisions down to, and do my research I have found two things.  First, given an average year, I don't think there is really a 'bad' choice for me.  Secondly, given a bad year, I don't think there really is a 'good' choice for me.

Tomorrow, I will get my software from my sister and, hopefully, get the last of my 'research' completed so I can finalize my decision in the next day or two.

Health-wise:  This weekend was really good, as was today.  A little congestion yesterday as the weather changed, but I overcame that quickly.  Sleep is still irregular, but starting to get a little more routine again.  I'm hoping for a good night sleep soon.

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