Even tho I am 'retired' and on disability I set my alarm to wake me at the same time every weekday (and an hour later on weekends).  This has a lot to do with my mentality and making sure I just don't sleep/waste my days away.

Every weekday, I wake at 8:30am to my alarm and the smell of a pot of coffee starting to brew.  Even if I am not feeling well, I make sure I get up and go through my morning routine, and end up enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  After that, I get my breakfast and look at what is on the schedule for the day and week.

This way, I am up and available to do whatever comes up for the day or run errands and deal with the household chores.  I am as productive as I want or need to be each day now.  Feeling that I am doing something, starting something, or accomplishing something everyday goes a long way for me feeling good about myself, and that I am not just a sick man sitting around all the time.

Today was just an average day, and just a day for taking care.

Health-wise:  Just a good day, easily tired, but quick to recover.

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