It Begins...

A month into the year (2010), I find that I am looking forward to this year more than I have recent years.  Why? I'm not really sure, but let's just say it is a good feeling.

I spent a fair amount of time in January thinking about this year and what I wanted to accomplish, or achieve this year.  

Here is my 2010 Personal Goal List:

  1. Gain at least 10% body weight
  2. Start and maintain an exercise program
  3. Start and maintain a blog
  4. Get more serious about my photography
    • never leave home without my camera
    • post at least one (1) photo a week
    • create and promote a website
    • complete my 'strobist' setup
  5. Learn HTML 5
  6. Do at least one (1) tutorial for web development/photography a week
  7. Start doing some paid freelancing
  8. See live music at least once a month
  9. Renew my passport
  10. Go on a cruise
  11. Put together a recipe book from family recipes/cook books
  12. Get a MacBook Pro 13.3" nicely equipped 
Well, looking at that list I'm going to have quite the year.  All signs points to this being one of my best years.

Health-wise:  Saw my doctor today and it was a very good report, and I had gained some weight.

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