Adult Content?

I sent the link to this blog to a friend of mine today, and they came back with a question:  Why do you have it listed as containing adult content?

I had to let them know, even tho I do not have anything of an 'adult' nature posted yet, nor planned in the near future, I just to not know where this blog will go.  I do have a lot of aspects of my life that definitely fall under an 'adult content' heading.

I life a BDSM lifestyle, serving Mistress LunaSea.  I do have risque photographs printed and hanging in the Ikaros Art Collective.  I also have worked on the DomCon Atlanta and DomCon LA websites.  I have taken photos at fetish, goth, and industrial events, burlesque shows and live music performances.

With a life with so much that can easily fall under an 'adult' category, I felt it much safer to set this blog with an 'adult content' warning now, than have to explain myself later when I mention something definitely 'adult'.

This year continues to be fantastic!  I have had recent news that will allow me to accomplish some of my 2010 Goals much earlier than expected.  My life is good.

Health-wise:  Congested all morning, but cleared up as I got out and moving around running errands.  Feeling good now, while enjoying a cup of hot tea.

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