Taking Care of Things

This blog post is dual purpose. Firstly, I am testing being able to post a blog from my iPhone. Secondly, it is to continue with my regular blog posts.

Today was productive. I made sure the forms for dealing with the IRS were completed and put in the mail. Also, I RSVP'd to my cousin's wedding in May. I'm looking forward to going and celebrating with family.

I also picked up a stock pot. I've been needing one for a while, and with plans to do up Fisherman's Brewis (another traditional meal from home) it was a great time to get one.

No distinct plans for tomorrow, but I am looking forward to another good day.

Health-wise: Today was a slow start to the breathing, but all was good after my morning coffee. Sleep has been haphazard lately, short sleep periods at night and an afternoon/evening nap.

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