Took The Weekend Off

It was great!  I have to say, I did  absolutely nothing all weekend.  I stayed home, barely even looked outside and accomplished 100% vegetative state!

I have been pushing myself lately to make sure I accomplish something each day, and you know, as much as I am pleased with my progress and achievements so far this year, something was missing.  What I realized was, I wasn't letting myself just be, just relax.  This weekend I did.

I know it was Valentine's Day weekend, but being single and not wanting to be around all the 'lovey-dovey' couples, there was no better time than to just be with me.  I sat around the apartment, randomly watched tv shows, napped and enjoyed the company of my cat, Vapour.

It was great!  I must remember to take time for myself more often.  Must remember one of my favorite movies lessons.

Health-wise:  It was a weird weekend, and today was a little off -- breathing was good, but stomach cramps from the adjustment to the iron supplements were annoying.

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