Taking Care of Business - blah

Yep, it's been a while since I've been like this, and now I've been like this for a little while.  I have a few projects that I have planned and have started, but now anytime I look at doing any work on either of them I just can't get motivated.  I really want to do the project, but right now, and for a couple of weeks, I just don't seem to care enough to work on them.  Blah.

My cookbook of family recipes remains partially typed, partially researched.  My photography portfolio just seems so overwhelming with more than 31000 photos to run though I just can't get past the initial setup of how I am going to sort and select contenders.  Live Limelight, well there has been a bunch of things going on behind the scene there, and well it's been back burnered until all facets align.  Organizing my desk and important paperwork and shredding the old and unneeded is delayed as I can not get over the piles of paper across my desk and floor.

I know the answer to all of this is to break the projects into smaller tasks and do the smaller tasks first.  Still I can not even bring the motivation to that.

Even tho I am not working on my personal projects, the things that need to get done are getting done.  I took the car back to the shop today because after having the tires rotated, the tire pressure warning light was not going off.  The mechanics were fast and friendly and they took care of it instantly.  I joined a couple of friends for a couple of drinks and dinner.  We had a great time, good conversation and tasty beverages.

Tonight I am pleasantly drained and looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Healthwise:  Today was ok.  Breathing was not too bad, given the bad air quality (Orange,Air Action) of today. It was bad according to the national sites, even tho the local news said it was a good day.  Too bad they take the best of any of the readings to report and not the overall air  quality.  Tonight I am drained, but feeling good and looking forward to tomorrow.

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