Eat Sleep Piss

That is my day in general today.  I woke to my alarm and the sounds/smells of fresh brewing coffee.  Feeling good after some sleep I got up and started my 24-hour urine collection for a piss test.  The test materials showed up yesterday, so I am doing it today for me not to put it off any.  Basically, I am to go about my day normally, just collect all my urine in a special container until tomorrow morning.  So far so good.

I went about a normal day, coffee, computer, coffee, breakfast, etc... all while making sure not to be too far from my collection bottle.  So, I kept to myself a lot today and did not go out anywhere.  I wouldn't want to mess up this test by having to go when I am out somewhere, and I really didn't feel like bringing my pee-container with me anywhere.

As of the last few days, I am re-asserting an effort to gain weight.  I really need to put on several pounds for several reasons.  So today, as I have been doing lately, I've made an extra effort to make sure I eat, and the foods I eat are good for me and high calorie.  Even tho I don't think I've actually felt hungry in weeks (with the exception of one night when I woke at 02:00am hungry, when it was a really bad idea for me to eat.) I am trying to eat on a 'schedule'.  With 'lunch', I grabbed a bottle of lemonade I've had next to my computer for a couple of days.  I keep a large container of fresh natural lemonade in the fridge for easy access and well I like lemonade over water as a beverage, and well, I downed most of the bottle.  I didn't drink it all because it had an 'off taste'.  I think it had fermented a tad the last couple of days in the heat.  I quickly replaced it with fresh lemonade from the fridge - which tasted a lot better.  However I did quickly feel as if I made myself a little tipsy as if I had been drinking for part of the night.  Wow, the cheapest buzz I've ever gotten, but wow, it was quite the surprise.  Shortly after 'lunch', around 13:30-ish, I got tired.  With all the immediate computer work done I moved over to my comfortable chaise and well, up jumped Vapour and we both napped for several hours.  When I got up, it was time to eat again.

Realistically, all I felt I've done today is eat, sleep and piss.  With the exception of some minor computer work, and some tv watching,  it probably all I did do today.

Healthwise:  The air quality was bad again today (orange, air-action) and when I was active around the apartment I did find it.  Overall between being tired, drained, and mildly congested it was definitely a blah health day.

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