I'm back.

Wow, it's been way too long since I've last updated here. An awful lot has happened since the middle of May last year until today. In a nutshell, my cousin married a wonderful woman. I hurt my side/ribs. I have seen some amazing concerts including my favorite band: Rush. I ended up in hospital and physical rehab for three months. I've recovered a lot since my coming home in March. Still getting there, and almost back to where I was last year. My sister had a baby and she bought a house. I've started a website for live local music review called Live Limelight. Oh, I am doing a lot more photography - mostly live bands in night clubs, and I'm loving it!

Healthwise: Today I'm doing ok, the heat was manageable and the air quality was not terrible. I'm trying to get proper sleep these days, it has been erratic.

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