Photo Friday (Delayed Post)

It's Friday!  It's the first photo Friday I've had in a long time now.  What to show, what to say... hmm...

Well, over the last year since the last Photo Friday, I've really become passionate about my photography.  I'm shooting a lot and learning as much as I can get my hands on.  I have to say, my favorite place for learning, and learning from greatly talented photographers is: Creative Live.  This site streams a free class live! Yes, I said FREE.  If you watch it live or during it's repeat immediately after the live stream.  Or you can purchase the video of it for an extremely reasonable price afterwards.  I have done several weekend classes and plan on doing several more here.  Check them out, enroll, have fun and learn!

Also, tonight, I finally got out and went to a local photography meetup - Coffee & Strobes.  It was a great time.  As always, I grabbed my camera for when I left, and I'm happy I did.  At the meetup, besides meeting some cool people (who are into and love photography), we ended up doing some shooting.  The theme was - gels.  I had never used gels before, and this was a lot of fun.  Using gels to be artistic, and using gels to compensate for colour temperature in white balance.  Yeah, it was fun, and I'll probably go out and get myself some gels for the strobes and have some fun soon.

Over the last year, my photography focus has changed.  I've moved away from the fetish and gotten back to a strong passion of mine - live music!  I am going out now, almost weekly and taking photos of live music around the city.  Here is one of the photos I've taken during one of those excursions.

Chris Hendrickson - guitarist: The Chelsea Daggers

I have to say, I am loving the live music photography.  Now if I could only find a way to make some money to support my photography habit from it I'd be extremely happy!

Healthwise:  Today, even tho it was a good air day (green, no action) I have been completely tired, and my feet are swollen (as they have been lately).  I figure I've worked so hard on breathing this past week, that today was my body saying, "Take it easy and recoup... We'll do better tomorrow."  So, I've been away from the computer, and resting/napping near-by.  Overall I'd have to say it was a blah day. (Health update is for Saturday - when I actually posted this.)

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