Sucker Punched

Today started out fantastically. I woke early as planned to a fresh pot of coffee awaiting for me. After going through my morning routine (meds, exercise, getting dressed, check email/news feeds) I took off and grabbed some self-indulgent McDonald's for breakfast. Brought it home, and ate it while doing work on the computer. After checking the air quality and temperature forecast, it looked good, so I took off to get some personal errands done.

Now, I need to mention, I had to take my piercings out while in hospital (end of January) pre-surgery and I hadn't put them in afterwards. Also, I hadn't been dying my hair or painting my nails as I had been doing for several years beforehand. Now lately, especially in the last couple of weeks, I've really been doing some deep thinking. I'm sure I'll get into more of that later, but the thoughts relevant to today were the ones on how I really was not happy with myself, how I feel about myself, and the direction a number of things have taken lately. As a good friend of mine has pointed out time and time again, if you are not happy with something that you are doing or with yourself, change something. So I did. Last week I had my tunnels and hoops put back in my ears. Now I had my hair cut and coloured black again. Today, a manicure and my nails are painted black!

After leaving the nail techs, I noticed the air quality wasn't feeling good and it was getting hot. I was close to the grocery store (next door) and that was my last errand. I ignored my feelings and did the grocery shopping. Bad idea. At the end I was hurting and drained. That was before driving home and unloading the car and putting away the groceries. After that, you might as well shot me. I was hurting, achey, and shivering! (It was only 98F! Ha! Yeah, I was not good.) Another friend came over and gave me a hand with a couple of things that I physically could not do. (There are some really good people in my life.) The forecasts were wrong, the air quality was bad and the heat index a lot higher than expected. I was sucker punched.

I have to say, making the personal physical changes has made me feel better about myself. More myself. This is a good thing.

I had planned to go to a new meetup for photographers tonight, but I was not feeling up to it. Hopefully Friday I will be up to making another meetup.

Now today I have been slammed with spam comments on Live Limelight. Tonight, hopefully I have that fixed.

Now for an early night and a good day tomorrow.

Healthwise: Today was definitely blah. It started and is ending well, but as described above, everything in-between was not-so-good. Tomorrow will be better.

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